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10 Things NOT To Do in Uruguay

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What’s not to love about Uruguay? The nation is not only home to an inviting cultural heritage and diverse natural beauty, but it’s routinely praised as South America’s least corrupt and most democratic nation. However, it's always good to remember these 10 Things NOT to do in Uruguay to avoid troubles.

1. Don’t Stay on the Beaches
There’s nothing wrong with spending a few days lounging and enjoying the scenery, but you’ll be remiss if you don’t take the opportunity to travel inland and enjoy all the cultural and natural beauty of the country. It’s absolutely worth exploring.

2. Don’t Drop Your Guard in Montevideo
While the capital city isn’t more dangerous than any other major city throughout the world, it still has its share of crime. When you’re in tourist-heavy locations, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for pickpockets and small time criminals.

3. Don’t Park Anywhere
Urban areas in Uruguay are known for car break-ins, so it’s best not to leave your rental car unattended on the street. Montevideo has several pay parking options that will provide for the safety of your vehicle throughout your stay.

4. Don’t Be Put Off By the Hello Kiss
Don’t be surprised if you meet someone and find them leaning in to kiss you on the cheek. Men and women alike will greet you in this way, so it’s best just to go with it.

5. Don’t Shop at the Same Store Over and Over
The prices of goods can vary from place to place in Uruguay, so try to explore the area and visit a series of different shops. You might find that some shops have better prices on various items.

6. Don’t Just Wander Into the Ocean
In the Beaches, lifeguard towers often have flags hanging outside. A red flag indicates the most dangerous conditions and means you should probably stick to sunning yourself rather than taking a dip.

7. Don’t Give Money to Street Kids in Montevideo
They might look friendly and charming, but if you hand over a few bucks, you could be feeding addiction. One of the hardest hit segments of the population are young kids who beg on the street to get cash for their next fix.

8. Don’t Go Without Learning Some Spanish
It’s best to learn a few phrases of Spanish to get through most interactions. Most people in Uruguay will be very patient with you, so don’t be nervous about trying the language even if you’re not fluent.

9. Don’t Go at Any Time of the Year
As gorgeous as it is, Uruguay is also home to its fair share of natural disasters, as well. Be sure to watch the weather before you go, and in the event of an emergency, just pay attention to the local authorities.

10. Don’t Leave Home Without Some Cash
The official currency of Uruguay is the Uruguayan peso. The value of 30 pesos is about one American dollar. As a result, most places love doing business with the dollar, and you can often negotiate the price of certain goods.

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