текст для баннера по необходимости

Austere Life as Uruguay's President (The World's Poorest President?)

текст для баннера по необходимости
текст для баннера по необходимости текст для баннера по необходимости
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Meet the world's poorest president, who lives to donate to other people.

State leaders typically have access to some of the best amenities in the world.

However, this is certainly not the case for Jose Mujica, the president of Uruguay, who lives a simple lifestyle on a rural farm outside the capital. The yard is overgrown with weeds and large dirt patches compete with the grass. Water is obtained through a well and laundry garments hang outside.

Only two police officers keep watch while dogs roam the property. And this way of life is no campaign gimmick. Mujica does not have any desire to stay at the mansions reserved for leaders and noteworthy officials.

Instead he lives at a farmhouse in the capital city. Declared 'The World's Poorest President', the title doesn't seem to bother him.

He told BBC, "I may appear to be an eccentric old man... But this is a free choice. I'm called 'the poorest president', but I don't feel poor. Poor people are those who only work to try to keep an expensive lifestyle, and always want more and more".

Mujica drives a 1987 model Volkswagen Beetle. Most astonishing, he also donates approximately 90 percent of his $12,000 monthly salary to charities and small business each month.

What do you think about his lifestyle?
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